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Cost of studying

When you join your integrated IFY programme, there are two costs involved. These are your tuition fees and living costs.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees which cover the cost of your teaching during the IFY element of your integrated programme are as follows:

Tuition Fees for Academic Year 2016/2017 (begins on September 19th 2016)
International Students: £15000
EU students: £9000 (please refer to the Student Finance England website at for further information)

The tuition fees for the undergraduate element of your integrated programme depend on the undergraduate subject you are intending to study. Further information can be found at:

You do not have to pay any of your tuition fees until you arrive in Leeds to join the IFY element of your programme. Shortly after you arrive you will register as a student of the University. At this time you can set up an arrangement to pay your tuition fees in two equal instalments; one when you register in September and one in January. Alternatively, you can pay all your tuition fees at once when you register in September.

Living costs

It is difficult to give you an exact figure for how much it will cost for you to live in Leeds while you are studying on your integrated IFY programme. This is because everyone is different and the amount of money that people spend depends on their individual lifestyles. However, to live comfortably in Leeds, the University recommends a sum of approximately £750 per month. This figure covers rent, energy, food, books, clothing, travel within Leeds and pocket money. Since each year of your programme lasts for approximately 10 months, you are advised to allow a total figure of £7500 per year to cover your living costs. In addition to this you will need to allow further funds to cover the costs of travelling from your home country to Leeds, e.g. air fares and any rail or coach fares.

Advice on managing your money in the UK